Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Have you tried cl1p.net yet? It solves a problem for students. They now can use this page (personalized first) to save their research in the classroom/library and then access it from home to continue their research. It's like having a personal laptop to take with you. You can save your page, password protect it and even hide it from view from anyone else. Two students (or groups of students) could collaborate on a project by creating a page. They could both edit the information on the page even while not together. This might create a problem if both tried to edit from separate locations at the same time! Not sure what happens here as I have yet to try this. One could easily test this by trying it. If you do, let me know!

Mr Gross and I have set one up to work on a new project we've started. It called broadcasting. We are trying to get all the equipment together we would need to broadcast a baseball or softball game this spring across the internet. We are going to try to use Skype. to create a 'skypecast'. Since there will be at least two people doing the broadcast we needed to use a sound mixing board. Mr Stegman generously donated one. He is also involved in getting us an internet connection at the field. Thank you, Mr Stegman! If you check the cl1p page out above, you will see we still have many 'todos' to check off before it becomes a reality.

The ultimate outcome of the broadcasting project will be to have way of broadcasting from Shepherd Schools by next fall. We hope not to just broadcast sports, but other creations of the students (such as podcast, videos, etc). To go along with this we hope to start a Digital Club of sorts that students can use to create and work on digital projects (broadcasting, video, photography, web pages, etc).

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