Saturday, August 23, 2008

World Wide Photowalk - Lansing

Randy Jones (above) and I participated in Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk on Saturday.  Groups from 10 to 50 were meeting in cities all over the world Saturday and were spending a couple of hours together walking around cities shooting pictures and sharing with each other.  Randy and I joined the group in Lansing.  There were about 21 of us, led by a photog from the capital city, Richard Vissers.  We met at the Brenke Fish Ladder at about 9am and walked north several blocks from there.
The walk took us up a tree lined street of businesses that were colorfully decorated and surrounded by flowers.  At our furthest northern point, we stopped at a Turner Dodge Park that contained the Turner-Dodge house. All this provided many opportunities for pictures.  Upon returning a few hours later, we all met at a local restaurant to share our experiences and refuel.  
You can see my pictures on my flickr site (LINK).  Everyone will eventually sharing their pictures on a flickr group site.  As of tonight, the site wasn't yet available.  
It was such a great experience, Randy and I talked about organizing 'photowalks' in and around Shepherd.  So, stayed tune for announcements of such a walk if you're interested in going out and taking pictures!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

No Luck with our PhotoWalk

Well, NAPP closed off the applications for new Photowalks yesterday, on Friday.  I applied last Friday (Aug 1st) for our own city (I actually applied for Mt Pleasant).  But, I have not heard back at all (either way).  Since then, another Michigan city was approved - Lansing.  So, I called the photographer (Dane Robison) in charge of Lansing and have decided to sign up for it.  I sent out an email to the people who have attended Cool Tools at Shepherd and let them know about the change.  I'm driving my mini-van down to Lansing on Saturday (Aug 23rd) and six more people are welcome to join me!  So far, I have one for sure and another maybe.  So, sign up here, and lets go have a ball!