Thursday, February 21, 2008

Learn by Listening?

We can learn photography by listening.  I listen to a number of photography podcasts while I run.  I hate running!  But it's the only thing that allows me to keep trekking up the mountain trails in the summer.  To make it less painful, I download podcasts by professional photographers and listen to them on my iPod shuffle while I run (by the way, Apple dropped the price of the shuffle by $30 - check it out here).  Recently while reading Scott Kelby's blog, I learned that many of the talks given at the latest MacWorld Convention in California are now available online for free (did I say "For Free"?).  They are available in the Quicktime format.  Just click here, and you will see 4 to choose from.  I've just started listening to "Beginner Digital Photography" by Lesa & Shawn King.  It's interesting.  It's very similar to the topics we talked about at the Cool Tools Workshop at school.  But, they use many different slides to demo the point and talk about it from different angles.  Maybe it will resonate better with you.  So far, I'm enjoying it!
There are other titles there and they sound very interesting.  There's; "Five shooting technique's to make your pictures look better" by Derrick Story.  Derrick does a weekly podcast here.
Others that I will be sure to check out are; "How to Capture Killer Sport Images", by Ben Chen (Ben is a photoshop guru also), and "The Art and Craft of Digital Photography", by Chris Orwig.  Many differrent podcasters raved about Chris' presentation.
So, if you get a chance to check some of these out, share your comments here for us to discuss!

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